Wild & Bloom Beauty was founded in 2019 to offer people an effortless alternative to mascara or falsies. Our mission is to ensure quality, natural lash and eyebrow services that allow people to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. This gives them the ability to purely enjoy life rather than focus on the beauty and aesthetics of getting ready in the morning. Whether they’re glamming up or summiting a mountain, we hope for our services to allow people to channel their inner confidence, get in touch with their wild and adventurous side, and steer away from the need to put on a ‘full face’. We recognize the importance of personal freedom, self-fulfillment, adventure, and creativity in living a life that is both joyful and authentic. Through our services, we encourage people to embrace their natural features rather than try to hide them with makeup. Whether it's an everyday natural look or dramatic and glamorous, each lash set is completely personalized based on each client's preferences. 

Wild & Bloom Beauty is about quality, not quantity. We only use premium products including lashes, adhesives, all down to the cozy lash beds. Upon consultation, you & your expert lash artist will choose a style that will (no joke here) change your life. Wild & Bloom Lash Artists customize each set of lashes enhancing the natural beauty of each individual. Say goodbye to mascara, lash curlers, and running makeup. Hello lash extensions! Lash sets will vary depending on eye shape, natural fullness, and natural lash health.